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See how Jigsaw moved a mountain, avoided dangerous blasting, saved our client a fortune, and reclaimed natural byproducts to pave a beautiful, sustainable road.


ClientCorporation, Walter’s Toyota
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Engineering, Commercial Site Development, Slope Stabilization, Environmental Restoration
The Challenge
Walter’s Toyota needed a large open space for their car dealership near Pikeville, Kentucky. Unfortunately, Appalachia doesn’t have many ideal locations for a dealership this big. The owner purchased land at a great location near the intersection of two highways. But there was a big problem. The location was on a mountain surrounded by two highly utilized highways, a stream, and a neighborhood of homes.

Most contractors would go through a blasting process to level the land but blasting for this project would have a high-risk profile. Debris from blasting could have landed on homes or caused traffic accidents. Blasting would also cause excessive noise for months and bother nearby residents. Plus, to perform blasting there would be lots of expensive permits and plans that would have to be put in place to protect the homes, highways, and environment throughout the lengthy process. All of this came with a significant price tag and would take years to complete.
Jigsaw’s Solution
Jigsaw engineers researched the issues and developed an innovative solution that bypassed traditional methods altogether. Instead of blasting, the Jigsaw team transferred their knowledge of the coal industry and identified a type of heavy construction machinery that could be transported to the location and safely grind down the rocks—a surface miner. In the end, utilizing this innovative machinery instead of using the traditional blasting approach saved the customer a fortune because they didn’t have to purchase expensive high-risk insurance or deal with potential liability claims if a blasting accident had occurred.

Jigsaw’s solution also saved the client $300,000 that would have been spent on the cost of gravel. Because the surface miner could grind rocks into a consistent particle size, Jigsaw was able to reclaim the natural byproduct from the surface miner and repurpose it as gravel to create beautiful roads and sustainable landscaping. Sustainability is a priority for Jigsaw engineers who are always seeking ways to save clients time and money, while reclaiming and reusing natural assets. Jigsaw solutions are better for our client’s pocketbooks, and better for the environment.
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