Our team at Jigsaw believes in providing innovative, sustainable services that solve our clients’ needs while contributing to a healthy environment and strengthening the communities in which we work. At Jigsaw, we don’t just provide services to our clients. We partner with them to determine the best solutions for complex problems.

An independently owned, mid-sized enterprise, Jigsaw has assembled one of the most effective, efficient, and experienced multidisciplinary teams in our industry by recruiting top talent from throughout our region in Eastern Kentucky. These problem solvers have long found novel solutions to complex problems with exceptional attention to detail and safety, from working in coal mines to the wide range of earthmoving, land-forming, and site development projects we manage. We have some of the best engineers, regulatory and compliance specialists, construction managers, and laborers in the business, with a commitment to doing it right the first time and building for the long term. We are large and varied enough to handle complex projects but small enough to make sure no client’s project gets lost in the shuffle.

We care about you and want to help you get the most out of your land. 

We will:

  • treat your land better than our own—like it belongs to our grandmother
  • help understand the challenges you face, find the best solution to those challenges, and talk honestly about any potential pitfalls we see when looking at the bigger picture before they occur
  • generate a solution that is always the best value for your money, even if it isn’t the lowest bid
  • make that solution as cost- and time-effective as we can while doing high-quality work, with an eye toward the most common issues that cause bottlenecks 
  • deliver your project on time and within budget, with transparent pricing

An Example: One of our customers reported that two Jigsaw team members’ efficiency freed up six of their employees to work full-time on other projects, and that the two Jigsaw employees are doing a better job than all six of their original staff for a fraction of the cost. 

But we will not:

  • cut corners
  • propose a solution that isn’t sustainable or that doesn’t obey the laws of physics
  • tout a low bid but then provide poor quality, short-term solutions, collateral damage, inflexible projects, and missed deadlines
  • upsell you with uncontrolled and unnecessary add-on costs

An Example: Jigsaw proposed a $180,000 solution for an access road, in light of some complicated logistics involved. The client instead went with another company for a $120,000 bid that did not account for the physics and engineering complexity of the problem. The construction techniques led to a landslide that caused extensive and costly damage to the area. In the end, Jigsaw was hired to fix the road – but it was now a project that had caused many headaches for the client and cost more than $900,000.

Do it right the first time. Contact us today.



Our team is honest with each other. And we’ll always give it to you straight as well. Every project has issues beyond all our control–an intense storm, a pandemic, a new federal regulation. We have experienced professionals to help you navigate obstacles and provide alternatives, so you can make the best value judgment for your project. 


Our highest priority is to create a safe environment for our employees and our community throughout every project. Our cross-functional team members meet both Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) safety training requirements and are equipped with the training, knowledge, and skills necessary to adapt to any job site situations–efforts recognized by two MSHA Sentinels of Safety Awards. And safety for our communities is equally prioritized. We continually strive to protect and improve the environment throughout our work, and have been honored to be recognized with a Division of Mine Reclamation Enforcement award for outstanding reclamation of a surface coal mine.


We are focused on always providing the best value, whether or not we are the lowest bid. Our cross-functional teams produce more high-quality work in less time than our competition. And with Jigsaw, you won’t have to worry about inferior quality, hidden costs, collateral damage, or preventable risks costing you more in the end. We do good work, and we control our costs.


Whether you prefer regular phone calls, weekly emails, an online project dashboard, or another method, we adjust our communication style to fit yours–and in language that doesn’t require a degree in engineering to follow along. We prioritize being direct, clear, and collaborative–with each other, and with our clients. We want you to have a clear picture of what’s going on throughout the process, so that you can know where we are, visualize where we’re headed, and work with us to make informed decisions.


Adaptability sets us apart. Our team includes veterans of the coal industry, one of the most highly regulated, volatile, and hazardous industries in America. Drawing on that experience, we will help you adapt to changes in the physical, regulatory, and social environment, and to be prepared for whatever might come up at your site, all with a determination to complete a quality project on time and within budget.


We want to provide the solution that’s best for your project’s unique needs. And sometimes, that requires thinking outside the box. While traditional techniques are often the way to go, we aren’t married to doing something just because that’s the way it’s always been done. Our commitment to providing solutions that are safe, budget-conscious, and time-effective has taken us everywhere, from using a piece of mining equipment to grind down a mountain at a car dealership to creating a visualization of a project in 360 VR so our employees could understand what they would be building. Our solutions won’t always be traditional, and we like it that way.