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See how Jigsaw helped bring Eastern Kentucky’s first Tier 2 Data Center to the mountains using cutting edge stream mitigation techniques to create the ideal disaster-resistant location.


ClientCorporation, Appalachian Wireless
ServicesEngineering, Commercial Site Development, Slope Stabilization, Environmental Restoration
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The Challenge
The client wanted to build Eastern Kentucky’s first Tier 2 Data Center to host multiple sources of servers and data resources in the region. This type of data center must be highly resistant to natural disasters, including flooding and tornadoes. The issue is that Appalachia’s landscape is not conducive to this type of work. The client’s headquarters had a mountain behind it with a small valley and stream. Part of the mountain would need to be moved to create a space to protect the Data Center from heavy storms, and then the stream would have to be mitigated to prevent flooding. Typically, a company would use a normal construction technique to excavate a valley floor down to bedrock to create a stable foundation and then come back with an engineering fill to bring it up to the ground level. Unfortunately, when Jigsaw reached bedrock, the client’s existing building was higher than the drains, so there would be no outlet. This would cause flooding.
Jigsaw’s Innovation
Jigsaw engineers studied the issue closely, developed a creative solution, and presented it to the client—an artesian drain. The stream would come down the slope and then bubble up like smoke in a chimney so that when water backs up, it naturally creates a drainage system year-round, all without changing the stability of the fill. Whereas other companies would have left the project in a lurch while the client would have to halt construction and hire an engineering company to assess the problem and develop a solution, Jigsaw had innovative engineers on staff who solved the problem right away. The client approved the proposed solution, construction continued uninterrupted, and the project was soon completed on time and within budget.
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