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See how Jigsaw used carbon farming and green tonnes to transform Kentucky’s most expensive environmental liability into an asset generating millions in tax revenue.


ClientMunicipal, State Government
ServicesEnvironmental Restoration, Slope Stabilization
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The Challenge
In 20XX, a coal operator mining on the Johnson Floyd county line of Kentucky went bankrupt. The bonds the coal operator had in place were insufficient to cover the costs of repairing the environmental damage it left behind, let alone beginning to pay for reclamation. The poorly engineered site was prone to landslides which caused some residents to lose their homes and many more were forced to move because of the imposing threat. Because some of Jigsaw’s specialties are emergency response and slope stabilization, Jigsaw was initially hired by the bonding company. After successfully stabilizing some of the landslides, the insufficient bonds were depleted and there was no longer any money left to reclaim the land. The site had become the state of Kentucky’s most expensive environmental liability.
Jigsaw’s Innovation
After completing their stabilization work, the Jigsaw team had a realization—if Jigsaw could leverage the coal mining expertise of their workforce, then their team could move the dirt, reclaim it, and sell the coal as Green Tons to pay for the entire cost of reclamation. The regulators agreed, and now Jigsaw is hard at work reclaiming the site with no cost to the state or local government. In fact, while this site could have been one of the most expensive reclamation projects in the state, instead of costing tax-payer dollars, Jigsaw’s innovative solution is paying for itself. Plus, the coal sold from the project is generating coal severance funds and the salaries of workers employed on this job are paying income taxes. And those taxes are going right back into the local communities to pay for things like schools and roads. This means, the ingenuity of Jigsaw’s team helped solve an environmental hazard, save homes, and reclaim an abandoned mine land, all while saving the government millions of dollars.
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